Elisen, fiery Valkyrie

With fiery hair and an oversized blade, here comes Elisen, our Valkyrie. Her job is to deal maximum damage – and she does that pretty well, especially when her health is running low! 
Elisen was born in 585 among a clan of nomadic warriors. After years of wandering, these northern barbarians came to settle in the mountains of Jormund, then under the rule of the Ifrit Ouros.
Following years of pointless infighting, the clans then attempted to unite to conquer the region. It is during this final battle that Elisen dealt the final blow to the powerful Djinn, thus becoming a legend among her peers. This victory marked the unification of the clans and the beginning of an era of prosperity for a people that, decades later, came to be known as the Elisians.
Elisen (585 - 614)