Report #28: Yhot-Tsogoh

Here is an excerpt from Friedrich F.'s diary about the threats that led to the end of the world.

Report #28: Yhot-Tsogoh... that is the name heard in whispers in the mind of those who get too close to these tentacular creatures. First sighted in 1403, they slowly started to creep across the Western continent. Overlooked, the corruption spread until the day when Yhot-Tsogoh's brood was recognised as a serious threat. But by then, it was already too late and all kingdoms started to fall one after the other.

A number of profiles have been established on these creatures.

Minions: fragile, they compensate their weakness by their numbers.
Titans: colossi that are used to bring down fortifications or the lines of defense of cities.
Whisperers: although they cannot fight directly, they are capable of manipulating the mind.
Synapses: never alone, synapses act as relay points to communicate to the brood the orders of their master.
Locusts: formidable hunters capable of launching themselves onto their prey before chopping it into pieces.