Ley, afro elementalist

Here is the video presentation of Ley Nesta. Our magician, specialized in area damage, completes the team of our future playable demo!

In search for respect, Ley Nesta was looking to join the Circle of the Five to be remembered as one of the greatest elementalists. Even though his years of studies made it clear that he had a gift for magic, he was far too undisciplined to succeed in this art.

That is why, in order to fulfil his ambitions, he “borrowed” an artefact he had come across during his studies. But as soon as the young arcanist set his hand on it, a deep dark voice began to echo in his head. This should certainly have explained why the spell book was sealed, as this cursed artefact would slowly submit its carrier to its will. But through this act, Ley did obtain the power he was after—well, for at least a short period. He was found dead a few weeks later, after tripping clumsily as he was walking close to the edge of the city walls

Ley Nesta (789 – 818)