Stunfest, review & modification to come

The Stunfest is over, it's time to take stock of your very many returns. Far from being flawless (logical for a pre-alpha) and despite its too high difficulty during the first days of the show, Beat the Clock received a very good welcome from the public and the various professionals present at Stunfest. Artistic direction, animations, alliance of the different gameplay, depth of the fights, the praise was numerous and very appreciated.

Today, we will focus on more nuanced feedback. Beat the Clock is still under development, and it is important to make the necessary adjustments. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the improvements we will make before organizing a new test session on Discord.

  • The game feel during the race: in order to increase the notion of rhythm during the races, we will work on visual and sound feedbacks to improve and facilitate the run.
  • To reduce the need to look exclusively the "sonar" during the race. We have several solutions but we need to do some tests on our side before talking about them in more details.
  • Make the running phase more positive. Sometimes perceived as a phase where the player has more to lose than to win, we will make the player feel more rewarded when he avoids the traps.

In addition to this, many small modifications are planned to improve the overall experience. A lot of work ahead, but nothing insurmountable to do a playtest session in June. So don't hesitate to go to our discord page to request access, whether you are a journalist, youtuber, streamer or just a player!